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Brand: Sisu Guards Model: Sisu Junior Mouth Guard
The Sisu Junior Mouth Guard offers comfortable protection for kids. It is only 1.6mm thin ensuring comfortability so kids do not feel the need to remove it constantly. The size is ideal for kids from 7-10 years. If your child wears braces we recommend the Aero Guard instead, regardless their age.- B..
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Sisu Max Mouth Guard Sisu Max Mouth Guard
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Brand: Sisu Guards Model: Sisu Max Mouth Guard
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Sisu Aero Mouth Guard Sisu Aero Mouth Guard
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Brand: Sisu Guards Model: Sisu Aero Mouth Guard
Sisu Aero Mouth Guards are only 1.6mm thin, this is about 50% thinner then conventional sports mouthguards. The thin form factor allows you to talk, breath and drink making the Aero the mouth guard in the market. The custom and remoldable fit make it fit perfectly, watch the video to see how it work..
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Brand: Sisu Guards Model: Sisu Go Mouth Guard
The Sisu Go is perfect for Brasilian Jiu Jitsu and other sports like football and basketball. It is a discreet and comfortable mouthguards protecting the area where most dental injuries happen. The Sisu Go uses Diffusix technology. It's perforations allow it to oscilate on impact diffusing the force..
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SISU Mouthguard Case SISU Mouthguard Case
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Model: SISU Mouthguard Case
The SISU Mouthguard Case offers a clean and strong storage space for your Mouthguard. The mouthguard container has some extra space for other personal items and is equipped with a carabiner handle for easy transportation. The SISU Mouthguard Case is ideal for the AERO, GO, MAX and Junior Mouthg..
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